My Devotional – RELEASE LOVE


Forming a negative opinion based on appearance takes less than 20 seconds. As Thelma Wells says: “It’s easy to do when someone doesn’t look, sound, shake hands, walk or think like you.” However, John says, ‘Anyone who does not love his brother…cannot love God’ (1Jn 4:20 NIV).

You cannot love God if you harbor bad feelings towards others. We’re more than flesh. We’re spiritual beings and our God-given gifts, character, values, intellect and passions are the foundation of who we are, not our complexion, height, weight, hair color, age, mannerisms or sexual orientation.

When we realize God loves us even though He doesn’t like some of our attitudes and actions, it becomes easier to love others. When we realize our negative feelings towards others get in the way of our love for God, it becomes easier to love. And when
we’re in communion with our Creator, asking Him to to give us His eyes and heart…it becomes easier to love. Jesus said, ‘If you only love the lovable, do you expect a pat on the back? [Even] run-of-the-mill sinners do that.’ (Lk 6:31 TM).

It may never be easy to love certain people, but when you make the tough choice to love them anyway, the rewards are always worth it.” The Bible says, “Love never fails,” and when you refuse to love, you miss out on God’s best.

One Bible teacher says: “Don’t miss out on any of it…God is love, and when you release love, you release God, and He becomes responsible for the outcome. Release love every moment into every situation, every prayer and every thought…it will strengthen…and cast out fear…it’s the one solution that always work.


I would like to take this moment to thank ALL of you who have not only shown me love this year but also encouragement, patience and respect. I wish you many blessings and have a safe & joyous holiday season. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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3 Ways Google’s “Penguin” Can Affect Your Website’s Rankings and How to Stay on Top

In an effort to provide searchers the most helpful search results, Google has continued to refine their search algorithm.

Their most recent update, affectionately named “Penguin,” was launched shortly after Memorial Day in 2012.

Penguin updates are geared toward dramatically improving quality, relevancy, and cleanliness of the search result by penalizing overly spammy pages or those with spam-like links.

Sites that violate Google’s quality guidelines have also likely been hit by this newest update to Google’s constantly changing algorithm.

Even though many sites have been hit hard by these updates, you don’t have to be among them. Your site can recover from Penguin and prepare for future algorithmic updates by understanding the update and making recommended changes.

Here are some of the most important things to know about how Penguin might affect your website.

1. Keyword Stuffing – Keyword stuffing is the excessive use of keywords in the content of your website. If a site is keyword stuffed, the keywords are usually repeated randomly and excessively throughout the website.

REMEDY: Appropriately include your keyword phrases in the titles of your web pages and use them sparingly in the content of your website. Vary the keywords and phrases so they sound natural. It’s smart
to shoot in the range of 2-5% keyword density for most blocks of text.

2. Ad-Heavy Page Layout – Penalized page layouts usually have to do with the overload and placement of ads on a page —particularly those “above the fold”– or those first seen when a viewer lands on the page. Google knows that a site which favors relevant content over advertisements gives users a better experience, so they reward and penalize accordingly.

REMEDY: If you have ads on your website, the best practice is to balance the ads with relevant content throughout your website… Wait, what’s that you say about content?

3. Plagiarized or Outdated Content – As with all Google updates, Penguin will penalize websites that do not have original (not plagiarized, informational, and relevant to the keywords searched) and or fresh (recently uploaded) content. It makes sense, since users want to find the most pertinent and most recent information on the Internet about their topic.

4. If you want to find out how these updates may have affected your website and where your website ranks today, check out this Free Website Analysis tool by clicking on the link below.

This analysis will provide you with your site metrics that identify prominent problems with your website.

What is Attraction Marketing?

What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing attracts prospects to you.

This article will explain how attraction marketing is different from other methods of marketing and how to use it to attract customers to you!

The Traditional Sales Approach

Everyone reading this article is familiar with traditional sales. Prospecting various people, whether they are friends or strangers falls into this category. Cold calling from the phone book and placing advertisements in newspapers or magazines are all considered methods of traditional sales. Traditional sales people are trained to “be persistent” and work hard to overcome any resistance from the prospect. The problem with traditional sales is that people do not like to be “sold” to.

Selling is not what it used to be. We have more choices and freedom than people in the past have enjoyed. The more someone pushes, the more we resist and want to get away from that person as fast as we can. Think about when you are casually shopping in the mall, and someone from a kiosk approaches you with some “wonder” product. I know I start to pick up the pace, avoid eye contact and get away as fast as I can. I know that person just wants to make a sale and doesn’t really care about me. We want to choose who we do business with and we want the experience of buying to be enjoyable.

That’s where Attraction Marketing becomes king!


This is a good thing. People enjoying buying if it is fun and enjoyable, they want a good, positive association with purchasing. Let’s look at as an example of attraction marketing. When you visit the website, there is special programming that remembers what you last looked at on your previous visits. provides you with personalized recommendations based upon what you looked at. They are clearly there to help you as the customer purchase the right product. When you are ready to buy, there is 1-click purchasing. There are no long forms. This is why people keep coming back. The experience provides pleasure.


Attract prospect to your business by making the experience pleasurable. You must become an expert in your business. You will identify areas of frustration associated with your business and offer your knowledge to potential prospects. You are becoming a leader. Your focus is to solve problems and pitfalls for potential prospects. You will be helping your prospects learn aspects of your business so they; in turn, can be successful. You are offering value. Offer your prospects any support they may need and become a leader and expert in your business, so that people will WANT to work with you. You will need to brand yourself by providing engaging content, interesting blogs, and an online presence. Tell the online world all about you, and what you can do for them.


This is not what you think. You don’t have to go purchase a new wardrobe or get a new haircut. These things can help sure but you need to become more attractive online. This means putting time and effort into a nicely designed website and a carefully formatted email. Becoming more attractive to potential prospects is easy when you start focusing on working with people. Attraction marketing draws your prospects to you, instead of you chasing them.


Anyone can do it! Attraction Marketing is a pleasurable way to grow any business. It does take time; you will not be an overnight success. You will require knowledge of basic Internet marketing principles. Good news again! You can learn all of these essential techniques to make your business extremely successful. You will need to implement solid business systems to support your efforts. Learning attraction marketing is well worth the hard work and commitment. It will give you that edge over your competition. After you learn the basic principles, you will be amazed at the quality of prospects you will attract who will actually want to do business with you. Stop chasing people and have them chase you. That’s the beauty of attraction marketing (pun intended).