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The Power Build System

by 12 Second Commute

I’m giving away a new Business Building System that’s so unique and so easy to use that NOBODY can lose money using it and you have the opportunity to be a Founding Member with the system that will revolutionize the way honest people work and make money online! I’m giving this away because I want you to see for yourself how powerful this system is and how it can help you succeed online. 

If you take just a few minutes to read this PR, you will see that there is no better offer or opportunity on the Internet.

When you are tired of wasting time with programs that never work for you, then get involved with the only program where nobody can lose a dime.

There is no secret to making money online. You build a prospect list and use it to make money. This is the ONLY Sure Fire Approach that works 100% of the time.

The Power Build will be the world’s easiest to use Pro Autoresponder and List Builder Combination that will:

Pay you to build your list.
 Allow you to use your list to make money online with other programs.
 Provide you 9 Fully Automated Income Streams.
 Place subscribers in your Autoresponder automatically.
 Includes everything you need to honestly succeed online.

When You Have People To Sell To, You Can Make Money…

When the Power Build launches, you will simply give it away and everyone you give an account to will automatically be placed in your Autoresponder so you will be building YOUR list.

In addition, all Founding members will have subscribers placed in their Autoresponder automatically through their Auto-Fill Service. 

Free Power Build accounts will have limitations and while free members will be able to make some money, you will be able to make unlimited money. 

Your Founder Account will be the Max Pro level 
and have NO Limitations.


The Power Build will include all the following:

 Pro Autoresponder

 Ad and Link Tracker, URL Shortner and Cloaker

Banner Creator Including Hosting

 Capture/Splash Page Builder Including Hosting

Free Advertising Service

 Online E-Store with Unique Products

Training Center with over 1,000 e-books and videos.


With the Power Build, You Only Need to do One Thing…

Give away free to use Power Build accounts!

 Everyone you give an account to is placed in your Autoresponder so you are building YOUR list and you can use your list to make money with anything you want.

 You’ll get paid for every Power Build account you give away.

 You’ll make more money as your free members start moving up the Ladder to Success and/or selling from their E-Store.

That’s it and yes, it really is that easy and if you just stay focused and keep giving away free Power Build accounts, you will start and never stop making money.


Why You’ll Want to Get the 

Power Build Now!

 All you’ll need to do is give away FREE Power Build accounts using only Free advertising services and not only will you build your own money making prospect list, but you’ll have 9 automated streams of income working for you 24/7/365.

 The price for your Founder Max Pro account today is only $27* for the first year and you can pay this in 2 interest free installments of only $13.50 each.

 Everyone MUST have an Autoresponder and List Builder. The Power Build provides both. 

The Power Build Autoresponder will give you unlimited subscriber capacity for only $27 for the first year*. If you join with me in the Cash Downline Builder System, you will recieve a FREE 2 year subscription in the Power Build System!

 This is a very easy system to use. There is nothing for you to write.  There is nothing for you to design and there is nothing for you to setup as it is all done for you.

Getting your Founder account during our Pre-Launch is your best opportunity on the Internet because it will allow you to start at the top and stay at the top. The account you get today will cost others $97 a month after they launch. 

You can start making money immediately by getting your Founder Account and introducing others to this current offer.

Invest the $27 today for a full year* of having the Power Build working for you and make your dreams a reality.

*If you join with me in the Cash Downline Builder System, you will recieve a FREE 2 year subscription in the Power Build System!









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