Affiliate Marketing Tip #3

1. Focus on Getting Traffic

Find ways to get more and more people to see your product. I was at a booksellers’ convention recently, and a bookstore manager said that he noticed people stayed around more when he offered free coffee. As they lingered, more people bought books. The he added a coffee bar, and his in-store traffic doubled and his sales went up too.

In the same way, you want to increase your online traffic to your site for your affiliate marketing business.

2. Choose Products Carefully

You do want to offer people good products. Check out what people have to say about them online. You may not be able to try many of the products yourself. Sometimes that makes us feel a little odd about promoting products we have not tried, but do you think the people in retail stores own all of the products they promote.

Just do your due diligence in getting good products to promote.

3. Choose Products with Good Sales Conversions

One measure of this is the “gravity” for the product. This is a number that perhaps has a technical formula to produce, but the higher the gravity, the more sales that have been made recently. Some people shy away from products with high gravity because they think the competition might be too high.

On the other hand, you do want a product that sells well. Products with high gravity do sell well.

4. Build Trust with Your Audience

You want people to buy from you, so you want to sound trustworthy to them. How do you do that? You write, truthfully, honestly, and naturally.

Sometimes it is difficult to build that trust when you only have one opportunity to talk to your prospective customers.

This can be remedied, however, by giving people the opportunity to sign up to receive information from you. If you can give them something (builds trust) in exchange for their email addresses, you can begin to build their trust over a longer period of time.

5. Build Your List with Care

Building an email list is one of the greatest affiliate marketing tips you can get. Your list has prospects on it who will begin to look to you for information on a certain product. The list gives you the opportunity to build trust and establish a relationship with your prospects.


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