Easy Sales Blueprint Course 2

Easy Sales Blueprint Course Part 2

Thinking like a Marketer

Thinking like a marketer is crucial to your success. I have covered this slightly before but want to re-visit this subject again as it is crucial to your success as a marketer.

You will find that everywhere you look that everyone teaches you the systems, or the how to “make money online”, but very seldom will you find anyone that teaches you that you also need to know how to think like a marketer. This is the missing piece.

Do you honestly want to be a successful internet marketer? If so then you need to be a marketer.

How can you possibly go about trying to build an internet marketing business without BEING a marketer? It is like trying to build a house with no foundation. What happens to the house not built upon a good solid foundation? No wonder so many people fail!

But being a marketer would mean you have to sell something and who wants to be a “sales person”? It doesn’t sound very exciting does it? Our minds think of the car salesman and who wants to be seen as the person following you around constantly pitching to you. I have to tell you though that selling is part of the game and is very essential if you are going to be a marketer “NOBODY” makes money until they sell something.

I can teach people my systems of how I make money online and that very same information that means tens of thousands of dollars for me may be nothing more than confusion and frustration for you. Why do we see the same information in a different way? The reason that it does is something that I had to find out for myself before I could make the how to make money systems work for me… It was going through my “marketing filter” in my mind without being processed the same as it would for those that were thinking like marketers.

I had a problem with selling to people. I had problems of seeing things as opportunities instead I looked at the things I was doing as something everyone else would criticize me for.

A true marketer will see opportunities to make money all around him or her. Do you see opportunities to make money all around you?

What about all of the email messages that come into your inbox on a daily basis. Do you look at them and try and see the marketer’s side of the messages that was just sent to you? Do you try and see the methods he is using so that you can possibly use them as an opportunity for you to get results as well? It is quite probable that you see them as an ordinary consumer would see them. You see them as clutter. You see them as ways to take your money. Maybe you see them as nothing more than a bunch of scammers out to get you.

The economy is not all that great right now. In fact for many it just plain sucks! But if you are a true marketer you will become recession proof. You will understand that you will always have opportunity to make money.

The same thing applies to the way you think about money. Even if you get lucky and actually make some money, I have to tell you that it is not enough to just make money. You can make money and even a lot of money and still end up right back in the same place you began. Broke!

Unless you understand it, have confidence in it and confidence in yourself, and the same ways of thinking as all successful marketers have, you will never win.

You must first understand how the Marketer thinks about the opportunities and money and how it differs from the way you may be thinking.

Regardless of how much money you make, you will end up right back where you started if you don’t change your thoughts about the opportunities that face you every day and about the money you will make.

Do yourself a favor and stop and think about the last time you seen a marketing message from one of the marketers that you follow.

What were your thoughts when you read the message?

Was it the thoughts of a true Marketer or the thoughts of a consumer? 

Many people who search for success lack a couple things that are very important. I want to cover them over them over the next couple of days with you.

The first one I want to cover is your lack of vision. The Bible says that with the lack of vision the people perish!’ Proverbs 29:18. This is so true. Of course we are not going to be talking about getting your glasses checked or check to see if you need glasses. Well In away maybe that is not such a bad analogy to use either. I remember when I first needed glasses I didn’t even realize how bad my vision really was until after I put my new glasses on and went outside. I noticed everything in a clearer detail than I had in a long time.

I never even knew what I was missing. While driving home I noticed individual rocks in the gravel along the side of the road instead of just noticing the gravel. Instead of just noticing the trees had leaves I noticed the patterns of the leaves and even the birds that were in the trees.

I was now seeing things I didn’t even notice I was missing before my new glasses.

Maybe that is part of your problem. You really have no vision or your vision is not focused or as clear as it should be. Without vision, your business won’t succeed.

I think our description of the word vision shall be, “Being able to “see” a “clear picture” of your fulfilled goals in your mind. Not just seeing the gravel or the trees but able to see the finer details that make up the gravel and the trees.

Many people have had a vision that they could focus on and then lost sight of that vision. If you lose sight of your vision, you begin to lose hope that you once had. I have lost hope before and let me tell you from experience that when you lose the hope that you once had it is game over. 

I look around at the lives of others I see and it sure is not a pretty picture. Seems like everyone I see is setting around thinking poor, poor me. I remember those thoughts as well so I know how easy it is to get to that place in life. One of the biggest problems I see that is holding people back in life is a, “victim mentality”.

As Marketers we have really helped you out as a market in general to remain in this state and even help you get to this place.

We have let any vision of success just seem to fade away and now all we have left is this crazy victim mentality of poor lost me. Look what the world has done to me. We do have a choice to make at this point. Sure it may not have been our fault that we are in the position we are in right now but it is our choice to remain there.

Here is what needs to happen. We need to work on getting our visions back. Formulate and brand indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself succeeding in life. What does this picture look like? Go ahead and dare to dream again. Once you get that picture in your mind you keep it there and do not under any circumstance permit it to fade. Your mind will seek ways to begin to develop this picture.

Your mind always tries to complete what it pictures so never think of yourself as failing; never doubt the reality of that mental image you can see. You need to be always picturing success no matter how badly things seem to be going on in your current state of your life.

Remember when I told you I first decided that I wanted to make just enough money to catch a few bills up from my launch? What kind of mentality is this? It is the same mentality that many others seem to take on and perhaps so have you. Many of us have taken on a “just get by” mentality.

If your vision is small the outcome will be small. The size of your vision will have a tremendous effect on the size of the result.

I want to leave you with this one more Question. Do you realize your potential or value? Many of the students I have worked with come to me thinking they have no value to offer at all. Can I just tell you that indeed “YOU” are valuable. Don’t sell yourself short. Many times you will see me sign my emails with the line, “Continue to stand in your greatness!”

It does not take very long to realize the value that others have to give when I begin to talk to them. But it is one thing for me to see it and another thing for you to see and realize your Greatness.

Begin right now at this very moment to formulate that vision in your mind. With everything going on in your life it may be a little cloudy at first but do your very best to see the life you want to live and then make it happen…continued

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